Why do we need environmental protection?

The answer is actually so simple that we start with a counter-question: Would you saw the branch you're sitting on? This is exactly the situation we all find ourselves in. We only have this one planet. This one branch that we are sitting on. I don't think anyone should question the need for environmental protection.
Even though we may not be the ones who experience the really bad changes of climate change, we are the ones who are aware of the consequences of our actions. We are the ones who have all the data at our disposal. How can we deny what is happening and what will happen? We can only do so if we ruthlessly exploit the planet without worrying about the resulting disadvantages for future generations.
Such action contradicts the very foundations of our mission. We attach great importance to creating added value with our work. But it is not enough just to contribute to better health care. It is not enough to pay attention to climate emissions in private life. Everyone must pull together to protect the environment.
It is the planet we all live on. It is our only planet. It is home to all of us!

CO2 neutral environmental protection

How does thinqbetter protect the environment?

We have developed a four-stage climate protection concept. This consists on the one hand of various measures to prevent climate emissions from occurring in the first place. Since this alone is not enough and we will of course not become CO2 neutral, we have planned further measures. These are intended to compensate for the emissions generated by supporting, for example, climate protection projects.
In addition, on the one hand, we would like to compensate for the private emissions of all employees. As a final goal, however, we also plan to offset all emissions from our business operations that cannot be saved. Through this project we want to become CO2 neutral both privately and professionally.

What are the stages in detail?

1. Climate neutral website

The traffic of our website generates emissions due to the necessary forwarding of data and use of the Internet. We want to compensate for these emissions depending on the traffic.

2. Saving of emissions
  • We work almost paper-free. This helps the environment and reduces costs in the long term.
  • If possible, we avoid business trips and use video conferences instead
  • We purchase green electricity for our business premises and use energy-saving LED lighting

  • 3. Compensation of private emissions

    Since every person also causes a certain amount of CO2 emissions in his or her private environment, we as a company would like to compensate the per capita emissions for all our employees.

    4. 100% CO2 neutrality

    our business operations generate emissions that we cannot reduce. Through our activities we have to resort to CO2-emitting means of transport such as airplanes, trains and cars. We have to buy computers and office equipment. All of these things generate emissions that we want to offset as our final goal - to be CO2 neutral in our private and professional lives.

    Let us work together to ensure that our world offers a beautiful home for future generations. Protect the environment and work with companies that take responsibility for their actions.