• Clinical Evaluation Report under the medical device regulation MDR EU 2017/745. Clinical evidence for device classes I to III


    Trust is one of our most important values. That is why we attach great importance to the security of your data and exchange them with you only via secure servers in Germany.

  • Risk Management for medical device and IVD -  ISO 14971

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    Your satisfaction is our highest goal in all projects. A project is only successful for us if you are satisfied!

  • Quality Management Consulting - ISO 13485 and MDSAP


    Have you had an authority or notified body announce its intention to audit at short notice? Together we can do this - if necessary, even with a night shift. Because we are always available for our customers.



thinqbetter stands for a future full of prospects: Because we show ways where others only see obstacles.

Together with us, you can turn regulatory requirements into a valuable advantage over those who do not know that direction. We work with core values for which we stand. Trust and reliability are our compass!

We offer regulatory consulting services in medical technology. Are you a manufacturer of medical devices or in-vitro diagnostics? We support you in particular in the areas of quality management, regulatory affairs, clinical evaluations and risk management.

Please feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!


My name is Lukas Losigkeit and as CEO of thinqbetter I personally vouch for your satisfaction! The cooperation with our customers is based on the core values of our company, because only through trust and reliability we can be a good partner for you. This is the only way we can satisfy you and ultimately ensure the success of your project. Customer satisfaction is not just an empty phrase for us, but our most important goal!

Lukas Losigkeit

Our Expertise

Our expertise is at your disposal. The following examples are only a slight overview of what we can provide. We are capable to assist you even in the most complex projects. For a more detailed list of our global regulatory consulting services, click here.

  • Pharmaxi

    Our cooperation partner Pharmaxi has over 8 years of experience in conducting clinical trials. We work closely together since over two years in order to generate sound clinical and performance data for manufacturers of medical devices and IVDs.

  • thinqbetter bei LifeScience Nord

    Life Science Nord

    We are a member of Life Science Nord, the regional industry network for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. At LSN, around 500 companies, universities and research institutions as well as more than 260 active association members are a significant innovation and economic factor and an important element of the cluster policy of both German states.

  • Lemon Blue

    Our cooperation partner Lemon Blue offers individual software and consulting in the field of software development. As developers they are involved in the implementation of the electronic patient file (ePA) and thus make a valuable contribution to the digitalization of the health care system in Germany.

Are you looking for support in the area of regulatory services and consulting?

With us you are at the right address!

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  • Do you wish a trustful cooperation?
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  • Do you like to reach your goal in an uncomplicated and efficient way?
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  • Overview
  • Audits & Training
  • Market access
  • Quality management
  • Safety & Performance
  • Software


You need to comply to RDC 16?
You need a brazilian GMP certificate?
We make you audit ready!
Ask also for RDC 23 and more.

Audit preparation

FDA, ANVISA or any other plans to
audit your company? We make you
audit ready! E.g. by mock audit or
conducting a gap analysis.

Clinical evaluation

We create and update
clinical evaluations for all
medical devices. Additionally we
offer trainings and workshops.

Computerized system validation

Software / CSV within your QM system
needs to be validated? We assist you
in conducting these validations or
we simply validate for you.

IEC 62304 and IEC 82304-1

With our partner we develop medical
device software, health apps, the
electronic health records for health
insurances and many more.

Initial certification

For initial certification of your QMS
we support your company in project
planning and communication with
the authority or notified body.

ISO 9001

QM systems are applicable for many
companies. No matter what kind of
industry you belong to: Contact us
for support with ISO 9001!

ISO 13485

We create compliant QM systems
from scratch, or make your existing
QMS compliant.
ISO 13485 is our specialty!

ISO 14971

Risk management for IVDs and
medical devices is mandatory. We
create RM processes and assist you
to compile the risk management file.

IVD registration

We support you to register IVDs
By the way, we are 510(k) experts!

IVDR (EU) 2017/746

You want to manufacture IVDs
under IVDR (EU) 2017/746?
We support you to gain market
access and create compliant processes.

IVDD 98/79/EC

You want to manufacture IVDs
under IVDD 98/79/EC?
We support you to gain market
access and create compliant processes.


Medical Device Single Audit Program
- We assist you in project planning,
gap identification and closing, and
during the audit.

Medical device regulation

You want to manufacture medical
devices under MDR (EU) 2017/745?
We support you to gain market

Medical device directive

You want to manufacture medical
devices under MDD 93/42/EEC?
We support you to gain market
access and create compliant processes.

Medical device registration

We support you to register medical
devices worldwide.
By the way, we are 510(k) experts!

Performance evaluation

We create and update
performance evaluations for all
IVDs. Additionally we offer
trainings and workshops.

Post-market surveillance

We create processes for PMS,
compliant to MDR (EU) 2017/745 and
IVDR (EU) 2017/746. We support you
with your PMS activities.

Quality Management

We support you in all topics
related to ISO 9001, ISO 13485,
MDSAP, 21 CFR 820 and more!

Regulatory Affairs

We are your reliable partner
for the registration of medical
devices and IVDs!

Risk Management

We support you in all aspects of
ISO 14971, so that your medical devices
and IVDs are safe!

Technical documentation

We support you in setting up
the technical documentation for your
products, or perform a gap analysis to
determine its compliance.


We provide different trainings,
e.g. for risk management (ISO 14971) and
quality management (ISO 13485 / ISO 9001).
Contact us for further details and topics!

21 CFR 820

The FDA´s quality system regulation
is a big obstacle prior market access
in the USA. We make you compliant
and audit ready!


Through our core values, trust and reliability, we want to create an atmosphere in which our customers can develop their maximum potential. Our goal is not just mutual success. We strive for synergies and new standards of efficiency!

Our experience is that the medical device and IVD industry is affected by many uncertainties and sometimes even fear. Regulatory requirements, new and upcoming, are the reason for this. This creates a situation in which creativity and innovation are suppressed. We want to change exactly that.

thinqbetter supports you to ensure your innovation will find its way to the patient! Health is an essential need for a happy and delightful life. All humans shall have access to high quality healthcare all over the world. Let us together make the world a little better!


  • Because we take you and your concerns seriously.
  • Because we focus on your satisfaction.
  • Because you appreciate being treated at eye level.
  • Because expertise and reliability are important to you.
  • Because you do not want to be disappointed by service providers.
  • Because you get all this only from us!
  • Climate Protection

      Regulatory Consulting and Medical Device Consulting: Our regulatory affairs consultant are experts for EU and US market.

    • We have developed a four-
      stage climate protection
      concept. The goal is to become
      completely CO2 neutral.
  • Cooperation Partners

      Regulatory Consulting and Medical Device Consulting: Our regulatory affairs consultant are experts for EU and US market.

    • Through close collaboration
      with cooperation partners,
      we can support you in all
      areas of medical technology.
  • Customer Satisfaction

      Regulatory Consulting and Medical Device Consulting: Our regulatory affairs consultant are experts for EU and US market.

    • Our superordinate goal
      is to ensure the
      satisfaction of all
      our customers.

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